French Guyana day tour

French Guiana Daytrip

Departure days: Only wednesday and saturday (these are the days for the market) Note: Program can be run the other way around Between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM, the French have their “siesta” and are having lunch. All shops & stalls will then be closed. This city is also called Petit Paris.

Commewijne Dolphin & Plantation Boat Tour

This tour offers a magical blend of history and wildlife. Commewijne lies at the Commewijne River, right opposite the capital city Paramaribo. The tour takes you along former colonial plantations of which most are now abandoned and no longer active. These plantations, relics of Suriname’s colonial past, were once thriving centers of sugarcane, coffee, and […]

Brownsberg Daytrip

Brownsberg day trip

A 12,000 hectare nature park Brownsberg that is located approximately 130 km south of Paramaribo and west of the Van Blommestein reservoir. On this day trip you will get to know a large part of the range of flora and fauna that the Surinamese  pristine rainforest has to offer in just 1 day. Perhaps, to […]

Maroon Village life Experience

Maroon Village life Experience 3 days (Tio Boto Eco Resort)

Tio Boto is a small eco resort in the jungle of Suriname. It is a 3½ -4½hour boattrip from Atjoni on the Upper Suriname River (during dry season sept-nov, it can take longer with the boat and sometimes you have to step out of the boat and walk on islands/dried rapids). There are 7 cabins […]

Bigi Pan (Nickerie) Wetland Tour

30The Bigi Pan nature reserve is famous for its coastal birds: 72 species have their permanent home, including the red ibis, the osprey, the tern and various waders. Another 50 other species visit the area as passers-by. Bigi Pan is a true paradise for bird watchers and other nature lovers. In Bigi Pan you’ll spot the […]

Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana 7 Days

Travel The Three Guianas: Three undiscovered treasures on the northern coast of South America. Visiting these three countries will give a unique experience in cultural diversity and cultural heritage. There is a mix of British, Dutch and French influences in architecture as well culture experience. Along with this you will encounter pristine accessible nature not […]

Double room – Royal Torarica

Royal Torarica is the most exclusive, luxurious and prestigious hotel in the heart of Paramaribo in Suriname. Authentic Surinamese luxury, a personal, warm and welcoming atmosphere and excellent service; that is how Royal Torarica can best be described. A hotel with the best business facilities for business people. But if you’re looking for an abundance […]


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