Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Travel Conditions

  1. Only Impressive Suriname Travel & Services (abbreviated IMPRESSIVE SU) can appeal to the absence of these travel
  2. With travel is meant under these conditions all services provided by and/or on behalf of IMPRESSIVE SU by third parties. As
    such the following services are included among others under the term travel: tours and trip (one day or more than one day);
    reservation of hotels, guesthouses, apartments and such like; booking of flights; booking of rental cars and all other services, in
    whatever form, provided presently or in future by Impressive Su or by third parties on behalf of IMPRESSIVESU.
  3. With travelers is meant under these conditions all those who use the services as indicated above under article 2.
  4. In these Travel Terms and Conditions, “Client” is understood to mean: the natural person or legal entity who books a trip or
    tour with IMPRESSIVE SU for himself or on behalf of a number of persons (hereinafter referred to as: “travel group”).
  5. In the context of these travel conditions, the customer who makes the bookings for himself or for a travel group must be of age.
    In addition, when booking a trip or tour, he must submit a valid passport and/or proof of identity for himself and the travel
    group. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the obligations entailed by these travel conditions are observed by all
    parties involved / fellow travelers, if he fails to inform them about the travel conditions, he is liable for the consequences of this
  6. In case of acceptation of the reservation, the customer and/or traveler is accountable for the observance of all obligations
    arising from the travel agreement applying to the customer and/or traveler. IMPRESSIVE SU is also liable to the observance of
    all obligations applying to it in the travel agreement unless the observance of such obligations cannot, in all reasonableness, be
    claimed to IMPRESSIVE SU due to cases of force majeure such as natural disasters, political unrest or other forms of force
  7. The written confirmation of the acceptance of the reservation by IMPRESSIVE SU and a deposit of a minimum of 25% of the
    indebted cost of the trip arising from the travel agreement, is the only prove of establishment of the travel agreement for the
    customer and/or traveler. These conditions form an integral part of the travel agreement. The balance due shall be paid to
    IMPRESSIVE SU at least 30 days before the date of departure, not taking the day of departure into account. Upon failure to pay
    the balance due before the date so specified, IMPRESSIVE SU may cancel the reservation and retain the deposit for
    compensation subject to the particulars as stated under article 8 of these conditions. If payments are done with Credit card and
    bank transfers there will be bank fees that need to be paid by the client.
  8. Without prejudice to the particulars as stated in these conditions, IMPRESSIVE SU reserves the right to change the published
    fare if the cost of the travel arrangement is determined by the costs for services obtained by IMPRESSIVE SU from one or more
    parties and if these costs are changed by the party/parties in question. IMPRESSIVE SU shall notify the customer and/or
    traveler of this change as soon as possible but at the latest 7 days prior to the date of departure. The customer and/or traveler
    shall then have the option to cancel the trip if the increase of the fare is higher than 15% of the original published fare. An
    already paid sum of the deposit shall be refunded if IMPRESSIVE SU is notified of such cancellation by the customer and/or
    traveler within 3 (three) days after the change of the fare has been notified to the customer and/or traveler.

    Travel program

  9. The program of the trip is indicated in the travel program as provided by IMPRESSIVE SU to the client and/or the traveller,
    unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  10. The published travel sum is for several persons per room/double room, as stated in the travel agreement. If the traveler has
    paid for a single surcharge, the accommodation is based on one person per room.
  11. The duration of the tour/trip is accounted in whole days or whole weeks, where days of departure and arrival are also
    accounted as full days.
  12. The traveler should carry all necessary documents regarding vaccinations and inoculation during the tour/trip. De traveler is
    responsible for his own suitable travel insurance.
  13. For travelers whose order for reservation has been made elsewhere than in Suriname, departure here means departure to
  14. The client and/or the traveler must submit a valid passport and/or proof of identity of the traveler with the reservation order.
  15. The client can ask for changes in the travel program until 30 days prior to arrival, day of arrival not included, provided that
    changes are possible and the client pays the revised total travel costs and the additional administration costs.
  16. The following terms apply to children:
    a. Children between 3 and 11 years shall get a reduction depending on the tour or travel package (please inform)
    b. Children older than 11 years pay the full rate.

    Cancellation Policy

  17. In case IMPRESSIVE SU acts as agent of a leisure resort or tour operator, The cancellation conditions of the relevant holiday
    resort or touroperator in question shall apply first of all. If the cancellation conditions of the holiday resort or the tour operator
    are not applicable, the cancellation conditions of IMPRESSIVE SU shall apply.
  18. In case of a travel arrangement cancellation 21 to 30 days before the date of departure, not taking the day of departure into
    account, a penalty of 25% of the total amount of the trip shall be charged. At cancellation of a trip 14 to 20 days before the date
    of departure, a penalty of 50%, and and in case of cancellation 14 days or less, excluding the day of departure, a cancellation fee
    amounting to 100% of the total cost of the trip shall be charged.
  19. IMPRESSIVE SU reserves the right to modify the total travel costs when the travel costs are codetermined by prices of services
    of a third party or multiple third parties, who change their prices. IMPRESSIVE SU will communicate such a modification of the
    travel costs as soon as possible, until seven days before arrival at the latest with the client and/or traveler. The client and/or
    traveler then has the right to cancel the tour/trip if the total travel costs have increased with more than 15%. Already paid fees
    will be refunded without interest if the cancellation by the client and/or traveler is done within three days after the price
    change has been communicated with the client and/or traveler.
  20. IMPRESSIVE SU reserves the right to cancel the trip or tour any time before time of departure, if the number of travelers falls
    short of the published minimum number of persons, as well as in any other in reason unforeseeable circumstances affecting the
    operations of IMPRESSIVE SU, which is exclusively at the latter’s discretion. In these cases, the paid travel expenses will be
    refunded to the customer.

    Exclusion of liability

  21. IMPRESSIVE SU explicitly disclaims any liability in the following cases/circumstances:
    • for the consequences of allergies developed by the client or tour group or having failed to take the necessary precautions
      (vaccinations, malaria tablets etc).
    • for a clients suffering from injuries and / or blemishes inflicted by (poisonous) plants or animals.
    • for bodily harm inflicted by fellow-travelers or third parties during the trip.
    • for all personal belongings of the travelers any responsibility for losses consequent on theft, loss and all sorts of damage.
    • for conclusions that travelers may draw from advertising material, including but not limited to photographs, leaflets, brochures
      and other information concerning trips or tours published by third parties, unless they are associated with IMPRESSIVE SU as
      travel agents.
    • for the consequences resulting from the use of material provided by third parties, nor for the absence of an appropriate
      individual or group travel and accident insurance, whose premium must be borne by the client in any case.
  22. The client and/or the traveler must take out suitable travel and accident insurance and cancellation insurance at his expense.
  23. IMPRESSIVE SU may change the tour program in case of cultural or weather conditions or for security reasons.
  24. IMPRESSIVE SU can exclude a traveler who in any way seriously misbehaves from the trip or its further course, without being
    liable for damages.
  25. The traveler cannot hold IMPRESSIVE SU liable for damage resulting from limited means of communication, transport facilities,
    medical assistance and the adventurous nature of the trip. You must take care of medicines / aids for allergies and conditions
    you suffer from.
  26. In the event that the trip is undertaken by air, IMPRESSIVE SU is not liable for damage suffered by the traveler resulting from
    delays in air transport to be affected by third parties and which delays result in a force majeure situation for those third
    parties. You will be required to present a copy of your photo ID upon check-in at the local airport.
  27. Local and/or (unforeseen) circumstances beyond the control of IMPRESSIVE SU may result in a change in the itinerary.
    IMPRESSIVE SU cannot be held liable for this. In such events, IMPRESSIVE SU will do everything in its power to find an
    alternative. In the event IMPRESSIVE SU has to deviate from the original itinerary and a comparable alternative can be offered,
    there shall be no refund.