Tafelberg expedition

8 days
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Tafelberg (Table Mountain)is a Tepui mountain with a large sandstone plateau
that mainly occur in the Guiana shield in Northern South America.
Many Tepuis exist in this area, of which most can be found in Southeastern Venezuela. Suriname only has a single Tepui mountain, the
Tafelberg, located in the very heart of Suriname and is also
part of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve (CSNR). This area with
pristine jungle, savanna forest, a basin and many enormous
waterfalls is a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna of which
some are only found here! This “jungle island” is elevated a kilometer
above the surrounding jungle and is a truly magical place worth
visiting for real adventurers!


Tour Plan

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Day 1 - Day 8

We are departing this expedition by car towards Atjoni and from here we will depart by helicopter to the very top of the Table Mountain. We will land near one of the largest waterfalls of the mountain and will start our trip from here. There are multiple areas on the Tafelberg to explore. In consultation with the guide and your fellow expeditioners you are able to decide what adventures you’re willing to take on! Basecamp This place is near August fall, a high waterfall with a lookout over the valley. On the tafelberg it can be very misty in the morning and in the evening. The basecamp is an olden wooden shelter built some years ago. A place that we can use to temporarily store food and gear and come back to when necessary. Geijskes fall From basecamp we can hike in a couple of hours, following a relatively good trail along the edge of the mountain, to Geijskes fall. On the way we are passing several viewpoints. If the water level is low enough there is an opportunity to climb down the waterfall to the edge and watch the beautiful view over the valley. Plane wreck On one of the rocky savannas on the Tafelberg there is an old plane wreck. It takes a 4km hike, crossing a creek and two hills, to arrive on the savanna. The savanna is consisting of 3 rocky clearings. On one of these you will find the old plane wreck reclaimed by mother nature. Arrowhead Basin Tepui mountains on itself are astonishing geological locations, but the Tafelberg also possesses a large crater in the very middle of the mountain. This so called ‘Arrowhead Basin’ is about four-square kilometers. Only accessible from the Northwest side. As the basin consisted of higher forest, other wildlife seemed to be present here compared to the lower savanna forest. Grace fall At the very end of the basin you will find the Grace fall. You have to climb a lot of rocks through the creek in order to reach the waterfall itself. It is recommended to spend a night in the area before hiking back to basecamp. Mira fall Another waterfall in the arrowhead basin! This one is as stunning as the others. It’s an 6,5 km hike and also a climb over numerous rocks to get to the fall itself. It would be also recommended to spend a night in the area before heading back to basecamp. Wamsley fall Wamsley fall is a narrow waterfall going through some rock formations. From Geijskes to Wamsley fall is a hike of about 2km. This will take about 4 hours and there is a good place to set up camp near the waterfall. Many other places… Only a small portion of the plateau has been mapped properly. Only stories from old expeditions remain. There are many other places to discover; countless unnamed waterfalls, the highest point of the mountain, a second crashed airplane, fields of orchids etc. Will you join this adventure?


  • Transportation to Atjoni by car and to Tafelberg by helicopter.
  • Professional tour guides.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Snacks and drinks (basic and non –alcoholic)
  • If required: tarp and hammock


  • Personal expenses, meals and drinks other than those offered
  • Personal travel materials
  • Medical, travel and cancellation insurance.
  • Vaccinations and medical costs.

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